Ukulele Maintenance


How To Change Your Ukulele Strings

Changing your ukulele strings can be a pain when you’re just starting out, but you’ll enjoy playing even more afterwards. Let me guide you through.

Ukuguides Ukulele Care

How To Take Care Of Your Ukulele

How to take care of your ukulele? Restring regularly, check the humidity level and use correct cleaning products. Click for more details.

Ukuguides Tuning A Ukulele

How To Tune Your Ukulele Properly

Tuning a ukulele by ear using the relative ukulele tuning method, with a piano, electronic tuner or phone apps. Learn how quickly.

Ukuguides Ukulelebuzz Fix

How To Fix Ukulele Buzzing

Is your ukulele buzzing? So annoying! Some of the fixes are very easy, others more difficult. Read this guide to find the cause and fix it.